Reservation of Tantra massages

If you feel bad or have some psychological issue, maybe you want to try tantra. Tantra massage is a great way for everyone who want to get rid of tension, blocked emotions or some other things that bother you. Tantra can be great even if you are feeling good, but you just want to discover something new. When you want to make reservation of tantra massage, you can find many different options and choose which one suits you the best. But you can´t forget that tantra massage is not a sexual service and tantra massage therapists are not sex workers! Even if during the massage it can lead to massaging your intimate area, it´s not about physical satisfaction, but about learning how to work with your energies and how to love yourself.


You can choose from procedures like classical tantra, body tantra, body mutual tantra, senzual tantra, romantic tantra, couple tantra, love game tantra, double pleasure, double body, magic tantra, secret dark, massage for women or euphoria tantra. It´s only on you, if you want to try it yourself or maybe take your partner with you. Each procedure can take different time so you can choose how long you want your massage to last. The length of the procedure can vary from 45 minutes to 2,5 hours. Price depends from total length and type of tantra massage. It can be from 90 euros to 420 euros, depending also from how many people are part of the procedure.


When you decide which one out of the available options you want, your next step is choosing a massage therapist. If you don´t want any specific massagist, the service will assign you one. Now, when you have chosen the type of massage and your massage therapist, it´s time for you to choose the date and hour of your visit. The last step is writing your name, e-mail and your phone number into the form, so they can contact you, if there were any problems. After this you can mark you date to calendar and look forward to your visit.